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Your tattoo will be wrapped with plastic wrap at the end of your appointment.

  • When you get home: Take off the wrap and wash your tattoo with antibacterial liquid soap (think Ivory or Dial) & water, pat dry, and apply a very thin layer of ointment (Aquaphor or H2Ocean). Finally, wrap your tattoo with a fresh piece of plastic wrap.
  • Days 1-3: Repeat the wash/ointment/wrap routine about every 12 hours or twice a day.
  • Days 4-7: Stop the wrap routine and switch to applying a thin layer of non-scented lotion as much as you please, so long as the skin doesn’t get dried out. Around this time, your tattoo will start to peel – this is completely normal!
  • Days 7 – on: It will take about 2 weeks for your tattoo to finish peeling and fully heal, so continue to use lotion to keep it moisturized during the healing process. During this time I highly advise you to keep it out of direct sunlight and prevent it from fully submerging in water. Once it is healed, I recommend daily sunscreen and lotion to extend the life of your tattoo.

Award Winning Tattoo Artist Trey English