Digital Paintings


Award winning tattoo artist Trey English has crossed into a new realm of tattooing using digital images and Ipad Pro. He uses the Ipad for most of his tattoo layouts and designs and uses the tools to help him as a tattoo artist.

“I like using the Ipad pro because it gives me every artist’s ability at my fingertips,” said Trey. “It’s also about the convenience. Now I can walk into a tattoo convention sit down and start drawing. It’s really an all in one tool.”

Trey also uses digital art to help with his stencils. He can simply hit a button and transform an image’s outline into a perfect stencil ready to be printed and then put through a thermal fax.

“The tablet and the software Pro-create, is really about convenience,” said Trey. ” It makes almost everything easier and it’s the wave of the future.”

Award Winning Tattoo Artist Trey English

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