Trey is Hitting the Tattoo Convention Trail in 2017

2017-lubbock-tattoo-expo-minTrey English has officially accepted invitations to two tattoo conventions in 2017. Trey has packed his tattoo gear and he is ready to hit the convention trails in search of awesome tattoos and a lot more awards.

Trey will first be participating in the 3rd Annual Lubbock Tattoo Expo, February 3rd thru 5th. His style and skills put him in the running for best small color tattoo and many others.

Next Trey is cruising over to the Evergreen Tattoo Invitational March 17th thru 19th.

“I like conventions because it’s fun to network and learn from my peers,” said English. “It also allows me to show the public what I am truly capable of with my tattoos.”

Trey will be entering into the tattoo competitions at both events and will be looking to continue his2017-evergreen-tattoo-invitational winning streak.

“I want to thank everyone who asked to support me at these conventions by donating their skin to me,” said English. “I am very sorry that I could not book everyone, but I only have so many slots and times to tattoo.”

At the 2nd Annual Ink and Arts Tattoo Convention in Fort Worth, English took home 2nd place in black and gray, Tattoo of the day on Saturday, Best neo-traditional small, and first place small cover-up. He also took home two awards for Best Small Color and Best Neo-Traditional tattoos at the 1st Annual Ink and Art Tattoo convention in 2015.



Trey Delivers in December

15420821_1186503494732773_3357157964262260238_nTrey English has had a successful month and is creating more art than ever. His determination and artistic skill shine through in his work.

Trey was commissioned at the beginning of the month to paint a portrait of Jewel Staite, the actress who played  Kaylee Frye in Firefly and Serenity.

He also created more custom tattoos for his ever-growing list of clients. Trey has utilized this month to sharpen his black and gray tattooing skills. He created a stunning portrait of Toothless the Dragon, wearing a fedora and an amazing tattoo of a lion that looks like a photo.


Trey English Finds a Home at Legacy Arts Studio

580580_588671334492154_1197372099_nAward winning tattoo artist, Trey English has shifted into high gear and pulled into Legacy Arts Studio in Dallas on Coit Rd. English will be working alongside many other experienced artists and he is looking forward to being inspired by all of them.

“I received this extraordinary opportunity to work at Legacy Arts,” said English. “I could not pass up the opportunity to advance myself and my art.”

Trey is looking forward to expanding his ever-growing portfolio and keeping his clients happy. 553021_588671327825488_1650808804_n

“I moved to Legacy Arts Tattoo to be more readily available to clients located all throughout the metroplex,” said English. “I wanted to be fair to all of my clients.”

Legacy Arts Tattoo (Coit studio)

13021 Coit Rd Suite 112
Dallas, Texas
(972) 661-3500

or book an appointment with trey- 817-217-2825

Star-Crossed Lovers Engaged to be Married

20160807_210311 Trey English and Megan Malone are engaged to be married. On Sunday, Aug. 6, 2016, Trey popped the big question at his own birthday party at the couple’s home in North Richland Hills.

Trey prepared for the surprise proposal by creating a mystery box which was disguised as one of his birthday presents. 20160807_210450_001

“It was a black box about the size of a hat box.” Said Trey. I put white question marks on it and a single balloon attached to the top. It looked like a present for me.”

Most of friends and family present at the party though they  celebrating Trey’s 31st Birthday until Trey let the guest in on his plan to propose.

“After I opened my first birthday present I grabbed the mystery box and handed it to Megan.” Said Trey. “I told her to ask one question to every person in the room that knew what was inside the box.”

By the time questions were answered Megan was more confused about what was in the box than before the game began.20160807_210428

Trey smoothly took a knee beside Megan as she opened the box to find a small black lantern, like one that might sit on a cabinet 20160807_210741for decoration. Inside the lantern, glued down to the bottom was a small white ring case.

Megan opened the box and was surprised to find a silver diamond ring. Megan and Trey looked into each-other’s eyes and Megan said “Yes.”

“I don’t know what the hell I did in another life to deserve the man I have, but God knows it had to be luck in this lifetime to land a man like Trey English.” Said Megan.20160807_210759

“I intend to spend the rest of my life showing this man how much I appreciate and adore him. We’re unstoppable together & I feel on top of the world. Happy birthday my love, you are my gift!”


English Earns Four Awards at Ink and Art convention


Trey English scored big this year at the 2nd Annual Ink and Arts Tattoo Convention in Fort Worth. The convention was filled with heavy competition and a lot of great artists competed in the competitions.

The Will Roger Colosseum was filled with tattoo artists, enthusiasts and  people who just looked like they were kind of trying not to take the scenery in too fast.

13715963_1054691327932426_160489820782158621_nThe convention was filled with booths from artists, suppliers, and aftercare companies. Troll from The Salty Dog Tattoo shop, in Fort Worth, went big this year and brought in two guest artists from Europe and an authentic tribal artist who did stick tattooing.

There were several competitions that weekend and the competition was serious.

“I didn’t think I was going to win,” said English.”I competed in a black and gray competition just so I could have one of my pieces walk across a stage, there were a lot of great pieces submitted and I was surprised at the results.”


English took home 2nd place in black and gray, Tattoo of the day on Saturday, Best neo-traditional small, and first place small cover-up. Since this was only English’s second convention bringing home four awards from a single convention is something to be proud of.

At the 1st Annual Ink and Art Tattoo convention in 2015, English took home best small color and best neo-traditional.

Award Winning Tattoo Artist Trey English